New Year´s in Rio de Janeiro

New Year’s in Rio de Janeiro is a magical time. Especially on New Year´s Eve, when fireworks light up the sky at the stroke of midnight. The energetic ambiance from the thousands of people dressed in white is contagious. Copacabana is not only the place to view the firework spectacle, but the whole beach will be playground for many renowned artists and DJ’s to insure an unforgettable year-end. Brazilians are known for their lively party spirit and that is clearly expressed on December 31. Everywhere you turn you will find all sorts of events organized to ring in the New Year’s. We have lined up the 7 most exquisite New Year’s vacation rentals for you to enjoy your stay in luxury during one of the biggest events in Rio de Janeiro.


Precious Penthouse Rental

RIO001 – Penthouse Rental in Copacabana

New Year´s Rental

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but let’s keep it short. What better way than to go through the event of the year than to spend it in the luxury of your own penthouse rental with first class views on the firework spectacle.  This property is your ticket to the best seats for the night. This amazingly spacious 1000 m2 (11,000 sqf) holiday rental is the utmost in style. Floor to ceiling windows will capture you with mesmerizing views, giving you a feeling like the city was only painted for you. Whether you are standing in the living room or in one of the 5 bedrooms, everywhere you turn, another part of Rio de Janeiro will unfold before your eyes.

Holiday Chic

RIO026 – Apartment Rental in Copacabana

New Year´s

Just minutes from one of the best Copacabana music stages on New Year´s Eve you will find this 2 bedroom apartment.  Ideal for a group of friends or 2 couples who want to be close to the New Year’s action. Recently renovated to the exact specifications of our designers, it ensures that it meets meticulous standards of quality. Apartments like these ensure a comfortable stay and a fast recovery from the year-end festivities.

Luscious Beachfront Luxury

RIO038 – Apartment Rental in Copacabana

New Year´s in Rio

This beautiful beachfront apartment is designed for the ultimate luxury experience. First thing you notice among entering is the stunning ocean view, the sight of it could put a smile on everybody´s face. Situated on Copacabana Beach, it guarantees great views on the fireworks and the thousands party guests on New Year´s. You can choose to watch the show downstairs on the beach or from your own private view.  After a night full of excitement you and your guests can retreat in one of the three luxuriously designed and furnished bedrooms to rest your head and wake up welcoming the New Year properly.

Sky High Exclusiveness

RIO047 – Penthouse Rental in Copacabana

New Year´s

A private waterfall and nature views awaits you in this gorgeous penthouse property.  With 5 en-suite bedrooms it is the ideal accommodation for large groups who want to explore the “Marvelous City”. Located near the legendary Copacabana Beach it enables you to be at the New Year´s celebration in a matter of seconds. After this event you will have your own 1000 m2 penthouse rental to begin the New Year in complete luxury.

Picture Perfect Property

RIO061 – Penthouse Rental in Ipanema

New Year´s in Rio

Clink your glasses while surrounded by the beautiful Rio landscape. Sliding the floor to ceiling balcony doors open, the fresh ocean air and the waves breaking on the shore welcome you. On the right you see the green dotted mountains and on the left you have the sun kissed surfers riding the sea at Arpoador. A true holiday feeling during a tropical year-end in Ipanema. This 4 bedroom penthouse with enchanting views is close to the lively Visconde de Piraja and just minutes from Copacabana Beach.

Idyllic Ipanema

RIO069 – Penthouse Rental in Ipanema 

New Year´s

This 3 bedroom penthouse features views of Ipanema, Leblon and the Dois Irmãos, which will be a constant reminder of how beautiful this country can be.  With Copacabana Beach just around the corner, you have four beaches right in front at your doorstep. The only tough decision that has to be made is, which one will you choose?  Many exquisite restaurants and bars are located in this area and most of them organize events far before year-end to get ready for the real thing. You will never experience a dull night in these neighborhoods.

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