Rio Exclusive is a pioneer in this segment in Brazil with fully exclusive services. 

Founded in 2007 by the colombian Juliana Guzman and the french Arnaud Bughon, Rio Exclusive is now reference in offering luxury accommodation and services. A pioneer in the standard AA market, the company is prepared to receive more than 50 delegations of countries participating in one of the most anticipated event on the calendar of Rio de Janeiro: Olympic Games.


Rio Exclusive, through its own concierge in Rio de Janeiro, is able to meet the needs of luxury tourists from around the world, coordinating the lease luxury yacht and helicopter services, and have chefs in time integral, bartenders and bilingual drivers trained in self defense techniques, among other services. The company, leader in the market, is the only real estate in Rio de Janeiro with its own maintenance staff and professional support dedicated to keep its real estate functioning perfectly, both for the owner and for the customer. Guests, which can be both renters as the owners (who also benefit from the Rio Exclusive services such as their own homes guests) have the security of knowing that the company’s own staff will be available 24 hours for all the needs that arise, impeccable service commitment.

For the Olympic period, Heads of State have access to the services of Rio Exclusive, as well as their respective entourages, especially Vladimir Putin of Russia, and the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani (including 56 people which will be accommodated in five mansions in the Botanical Garden for almost a month). In addition to the heads of state, international companies that are world references also will take advantage of the quality of Rio Exclusive services, such Nike, Adidas, Apple, the French TV network TF1 and European sports media group Eurosport.

In particular for the Olympic Games, some specific services were demanded by customers, as a personal trainer available, full spa – which includes options like the support of a holistic therapist, security fluent in languages ​​such as Russian and Arabic, international chefs – such as the kosher and vegan – and custom revenue dedicated to customers who have allergies or intolerance to lactose or gluten, among others.


New Year´s

Rio Exclusive has a constant concern to train their employees, hiring highly qualified professionals to provide the necessary support to its customers. For the period of the Olympic Games, the company increased the number of employees who dominate different languages, totaling people of 14 nationalities, including France, Italy, Russia, Luxembourg, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Angola, Colombia, Israel and Netherlands. All together, there are 60 employed directly and 150 outsourced to give the necessary support at all stages.

And to strengthen the portfolio, its luxury portfolio had an increase of about 50% in the season, reaching 300 buildings. When compared to the World Cup, the business woman Juliana Guzman said that there was a 30% increase in demand in this segment, mainly because of the clientele is composed of foreigners.


In addition to the regular programming of the Olympics, Rio Exclusive organizes special events. Recently organized the event of Netherlands-Brazil Chamber of Commerce, and the National Day of Russia, with artistic presentations, musical and other attractions related to the country’s culture.


Internationally renowned for vehicles like the New York Times, BBC, Financial Times and Le Figaro, and sought by large companies in all sectors of the economy, Rio Exclusive has a portfolio of clients that includes celebrities like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Vincent Cassel, and employees of the most important companies in the world. All looking for locations up to their own desires.


Capitalizing on the success achieved with the luxury seasons, Rio Exclusive expanded its operations in 2012 and formed the Brazil Exclusive expanding its services to paradisiacal destinations like Buzios, Paraty, Angra dos Reis and in Bahia State.

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The company works in a personalized way, according to the customer’s taste, offering impeccable service to please the demanding foreign executive clientele. Including an internal department was created, with a travel agency that offers services such as ticketing, among others, in order to make a more complete experience.

The sales sector of the Rio Exclusive has gained increasing importance in the luxury market. For this demand, Rio Exclusive also expanded to the famous Ipanema and opened a special shop in the sales industry. The company is the most sophisticated buildings of the city, but also captures spectacularly located properties with potential for reform. Investors around the world looking for the company seeking differentiated consulting, thanks to its professional staff with international experience, which makes the Rio Exclusive a truly unique company.

The growing demand for Brazilians wanting to invest internationally, also provides consulting services in this field, and has a body of lawyers who assist the bureaucratic issues and the formalization of the acquisition of real estate, especially Portugal, France and the USA, the most popular destinations.

Briefly, the Rio Exclusive expand its service platform in countries such as Peru, Colombia, Mexico under the name Latin Exclusive.

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