Hiking in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is more than just beaches, samba and the accompanying Caipirinhas. The sensual curves of its natural terrain is more than the average explorer can handle. This is what makes the “Marvelous City” a great place for adventures, where you can climb up to great heights and watch the city perform its spectacular everyday show. Dust off your hiking boots, because Rio Exclusive is going to show you the best hiking trails that are most definitely worth your while.

 Pedra de Gávea

Hiking in Rio de Janeiro

One of the big boys is the Pedra da Gávea, even though challenging it is the most rewarding.  Located at the Tijuca Forest this hike requires endurance, a bit of climbing and some bravery to go with it. A 2,700 feet trail that will approximately take you 2,5 hours, will be a story worth telling back home. Many hiking adventurers will not resist the climb just by the sight of it and we got exquisite luxury vacation rentals with the best views to get you eager to climb your “Moby”.

Pedra Bonita

Outdoor activities in Rio de Janeiro

A calm and beautiful environment displays in front of your eyes when you make it to the top of the Pedra Bonita. Less difficult than its brother Pedra da Gávea,  it involves no climbing and will only take you 30 minutes to reach the top.  Beautiful nature views and the sight of hang gliders in mid air will make you feel like you have wings yourself, but we recommend you just to sit tight and enjoy your surroundings. Need help planning your hike or would you like to be guided by a professional? Our years of experience made us an expert organizing hikes and other outdoor/indoor activities.

Dois Irmãos

Hiking in Rio de Janeiro

From Ipanema beach you have a beautiful view of the Dois Irmãos which means ” two brothers” in English. It looks impossible to simply walk up this steep mountain, but it has a moderately easy trail through the backside of the mountain. Day after day many tourists gather at the foot of the Vidigal favela to go by van or motor taxi to where the trail starts. The motor taxi is an experience on itself, cruising through the favela, that has been pacified in 2011, you gain insight on the residents everyday life. Once dropped off you have to cross a football field and go to the gate on the other side to begin your adventure. After approximately 30 minutes you will enjoy panorama views over Ipanema, Lagoa, Corcovada, Christ the Redeemer and the Sugerloaf mountain. Absolutely a sight worth seeing. Are you up for the hike?





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