24 Hour Guide to Rio de Janeiro

As our first blog post, there is no subject matter more fitting than our hometown; Rio de Janeiro. The famous ‘cidade maravilhosa’ is one of the most legendary beachfront cities in the world and home to our portfolio of luxury Rio de Janeiro apartment rentals. The enigmatic juxtaposition between the old and the new, the rich and the poor makes for a magical stay all year around. Picture this, as the sun dips below the horizon and the last of the rays of sun reflect off Ipanema and Leblon’s crashing waves; the glittering lights of the Vidigal favela lights up the foot of the Dois Irmaos light a Christmas tree.

Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana are three of the city’s most famous neighborhoods running along the south side of the city and facing out into the Atlantic Ocean. These stretch beaches are home to the crème de la crème of Rio’s luxury real estate; from chic Copacabana penthouses to high-end Leblon condos. Whether you’re in town on business or pleasure, long term or short term, let us guide you through a magical 24 hour guide to Rio de Janeiro.

Breakfast: Casa de Tata

24 hour guide to Rio de Janeiro: Casa de Tata

An institutional favorite for breakfast in Rio de Janeiro has to be Casa de Tata in Gavea. This friendly spot offers a tasty variety of ‘homestyle’ Brazilian classics, including an assortment of cakes, breads, pastries, fruit and top-notch coffee. As you arrive the mouthwatering aromas of home-made bread, still hot from the oven, are reason enough to visit. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more indulgent affair, just a short walk from your luxury Copacabana penthouse, Pergula at the Copacabana Palace hotel is the place to go. This effortlessly elegant spot offers fine dining poolside with a potential side of celebrity spotting. What better way to start your day than with a brunch of delicious smoked salmon served with a glass of Champagne across the room from The Obamas or Madonna.

Mid-Morning: From Jungle to Artisinal

24 hour guide to Rio de Janeiro: Jardim Botanico

Shake down your breakfast by heading to Jardim Botanico, Rio’s magical botanical garden filled to bursting with the weirdest and most wonderful flora and fauna you will ever see. This is a shady oasis home to tropical butterflies, playing marmoset monkeys and vegetation by the plenty. It is easy to spend a whole day here exploring the endless paths and delicious cafes, but we have a lot to see and only 24 hours to show you. Rio is not just only about beaches, although we’ll get to those later today. After the Botanical Gardens there is nothing better than strolling through the streets of Santa Teresa. This is one of the most historical neighborhoods in Rio and is home to some of the city’s more bohemian and artisan residents not to mention sprawling, Santa Teresa villas to rent. Here, quirky restaurants, bars, boutiques, vintage stores and studios have popped up and reclaimed the many pastel painted colonial mansions perched on the jungle-clad hillside. The view from up here is not to be missed.

Lunch: Aprazivel

24 hour guide to Rio de Janeiro: Aprazivel

If it is the jaw dropping view you’re after, then take advantage of Aprazivel’s al-fresco dining while soaking up the sweeping vistas over downtown Rio. The delicious French-Brazilian fusion menu consists of light dishes with a touch of French chic. Sample locally sourced produce as toucans and monkeys play overhead.

Afternoon: Beach time


What 24 hour guide to Rio de Janeiro would be complete without a lengthy beach session, and there is plenty to choose from. Zona Sul is home to the legendary Ipanema, Copacabana and Leblon beaches, just walking distance from many luxury beachfront apartments. Depending on your preference, there is something to suit all your needs. In Rio all the beaches are divided up by numbered lifeguard towers called Postos; starting at Posto 1 in Copacabana and ending at Posto 12 in Leblon. These act as great meeting points for friends and family but also demarcate the diverse cultures that appear along the beach. Head to Postos 1 through 6 for stunning sunrises and a host of sporting activities from yoga to boxing and, of course, the ubiquitous football. It is also the setting for the official 2016 Olympic venues for beach volleyball. Posto 7; the beginning of Ipanema beach is great for sunsets, surfers and quiet romance. Stop by the Arpoador Inn for tasty seafood a cold beer and great views of Ipanema and Leblon. Postos 8 and 9 is home of the rainbow flag and is frequently referred to as the place to be and be seen; a great daytime party vibe. In Leblon, Postos 10, 11 and 12 are quieter and more reserved than the livelier Ipanema and Copacabana although some great surf can be found here. It is also perfect for billionaires and celebrities spotting.

Dinner: French Cuisine @ Olympe


An absolute must for this 24 hour guide to Rio de Janeiro is Olympe in Lagoa. Rio de Janeiro has many high-end eateries, but Olympe’s haute dining experience stands head and shoulders above the rest. Treat your taste buds to the à la carte, or the ‘pièce de résistance’ tasting menu all complimented by a specially selected wine pairing. It is not inexpensive but every testy morsel is worth it. After dinner there is no place more famous or more deserving of a late nightcap (saideira) than at Jobi. This is an institutional classic that has been a favorite among locals, celebrities and visitors alike since the 50s. The bustling waiters move seamlessly through the crowds delivering ice old beers (cerveja bem gelada) to the eagerly waiting clientele.

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