5 Reasons To Visit Trancoso For New Years 2016

New Years is knocking on the doorstep, only three months left and it’s that time of the year again. This is one of the most sought after destinations in Brazil during New Year’s. The village of Trancoso has a certain charm and uniqueness that few can resist. The concept is quite laid back, and the attraction is to spend the day at the beach soaking up the sun. Time to start thinking about our New Years resolutions, will we be going to the gym more often or should we do something about our bad habits? Decisions, decisions… but the most important and fun question is actually;  Where will we be celebrating New Years? Go get your white clothes out of the closet, because Rio exclusive has the answer. We have lined up the 5 reasons to enjoy this year end in Trancoso, Brazil.



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A once sleepy fishers village has unfolded itself into a fashionable hideaway over the last couple of years. The well preserved Trancoso in Bahia is a sight to see.  Being resembled to Ibiza or Saint Tropez in the early years it currently is the place to be. Drawing jet-setters from all over the world to its palm-fringed shores in Bahia.  The Quadrado, which means town´s square in Portuguese, is a great place to enjoy your New Years eve, live music on the streets, numerous of excellent restaurants and bars that are located near a cliff overlooking the beach. This beautiful setting is completed by the characteristic little white church placed in the background.   The natural beauty and the bohemian charm of this place will make you come back over and over again…




Transoco’s beaches with the white sand, natural swimming pools formed by reefs, and palm-fringed surroundings form the main decor of many New Years parties that start a few nights before the year´s end, stretching all the way into the first days in January. Transoco knows how to party.  It is no wonder that the international jet-set has falling in love with the bohemian vibe and barefoot bliss in Trancoso. Champagne flows  beneath the fireworks that displays in front of your eyes and you will know there is no better place than Trancoso.   One of the most renowned year end parties is located on Taípe beach. All eyes turn to the famous cliffs, where you find the Festo do Taípe. Beautiful people, good drinks and lots of good music is guaranteed.


There is no better way  to start of the year than in one of our beautiful vacation rentals. After a long night of celebration you can relax by the pool and contemplate about how you will reach your 2016 objectives. Our villa rentals in Bahia, Trancoso are privately located surrounded by lots of green. Book yourself a luxurious stay in one of our vacation rentals featured on the website. Whether you are looking for an extensive swimming pool, golf or tennis court or wanting to organize a  barbecue on New Years Day with your friends or family, our rental offers have many features you would certainly enjoy. Booking a vacation rental at Rio Exclusive means having the best service 24/7. Our bespoke concierge services provide yacht chartering , airport transfer, restaurants and event booking, in-house spa, massage, nail and hair treatments and many more to make your stay an unforgettable one.



Imagine sitting beneath a ceiling of twinkling lights and palm trees sipping on some colorful martinis while the Bahian breeze tickles your bronzed skin. Restaurants in Troncoso are simply enchanting.  The Quadrado is home to many good restaurants, enjoy a delicious year end meal in a romantic setting at El Gordo or go taste Troncoso’s fresh seafood at O Cacau. This fishers town is not so sleepy anymore, especially during New years week you will find many things to do on the Quadrado. A little further located is the Bahia Bonita Beach Club where you can dine and dance the night away.




Attracting people from all over the world, Transoco is host to the best parties during high season and New Year´s week. Cafe de la musique is considered among the hottest and most elegant beach clubs in Brazil. Although the success of this beach club, it still is perfectly aligned with the Trancoso charm and bohemian feeling.  Located at the Praia dos Coqueiros, it offers most exquisite views right from your day bed on the sand. Their service and gastronomy is one of the finest. Perfect for the ones that want a relaxed atmosphere and privacy to enjoy summer at day and dance to the most famous DJ´s at night.

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