4 Dream Homes in Buenos Aires

Often referred to as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is famous for its stunning architecture that mixes lively Latin American design with the grandeur of the French Belle Époque. Buenos Aires has something for every taste from its vast culture to its vibrant art and culinary scenes. Yet if you want to experience the city like a true Porteño there’s nothing better than staying in one of our dream homes in Buenos Aires. Here you can truly live like a local, sipping on a glass of famous Argentinean wine on your private rooftop terrace while a Rio Exclusive chef prepares an asado (Argentinean BBQ) fit for a king. So what are you waiting for? Introducing our 4 newest additions to our collection that are just calling out to be stayed in. Check it out:

Fire Up the Asado

Arg001 – Luxury 3 bedroom in Palermo Soho

4 Dream Homes in Buenos Aires

What list of dream homes in Buenos Aires would be complete without this at once traditional and trendy 3-bedroom house in Palermo Soho. The gorgeous wooden-frame doors and windows combined with iron finished staircase creates this gracious vintage look while the state-of-the-art furniture and appliances wrap up the best of urban luxury housing. Its strongest features are definitely the leafy asado area and the private rooftop terrace, such a precious luxury in an urban jungle like Buenos Aires. You’ll be able to enjoy the area’s abundant cool-factor to the fullest.

Palermo, the largest and one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, has recently been split into dozens of unofficial subdistricts, each with a specific culture and identity. Palermo Soho, centered around iconic Plaza Serrano, is, as the name suggests, the most artsy and bohemian of them and stands on an equal footing with its New York or London counterparts. Trendy art galleries, colorful street art, underground bars, and cool shops thrive in the area, which is also a few blocks away from Bosques de Palermo, the city’s most stunning park.

New York Chic in Palermo

Arg003 – Sophisticated 2 bedroom Loft Palermo Soho

4 Dream Homes in Buenos Aires

Now that you’re already familiar with Palermo Soho, you might also be tempted by this beautiful loft, which simply had to make our portfolio of dream homes in Buenos Aires. Simply put, what could be more typical of the neighborhood than this ultimate New-York-evoking kind of housing?

A front-runner in urban-themed design, this loft is filled with contemporary ‘pop-arty’ art hanging on the walls, creating an at once chic and fun atmosphere. Meanwhile the wide range of wood shades throughout the property, going from very bright to black, offers an essential touch of classiness. The loft’s music room, complete with a top-notch sound system and a couple of electric guitars, is perfect for that jam session to entertain your guests. Wake up the sleek urbanite that lives in you and book a stay here ASAP!

Upscale Elegance in Puerto Madero

Arg004 – 2 bedroom in Puerto Madero

4 Dream Homes in Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero has become hands down the most enviable neighborhood in town in the last ten years. Boasting upscale highrise buildings elegantly lining the retrofitted warehouses of the older section, it is home to some of the trendiest and yummiest restaurants in Buenos Aires. Browse the restaurants and sink your teeth into the famed Argentinean steak.

This 2-bedroom apartment has everything you expect from dream homes in Buenos Aires, not least because it is in such an exclusive district. Its edgy design, spacious rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, modern furniture, and prime location are hard, if not impossible to beat. The views over Buenos Aires’ downtown and iconic Río de la Plata make this luxury Puerto Madero apartment the ideal Buenos Aires stay.

Old School Glamor in Recoleta

Arg010 – 3 Bedroom Apartment in Recoleta

4 Dream Homes in Buenos Aires

Finally, we introduce you to this 3-bedroom apartment in Recoleta that is not any dream home, but THE dream home in Buenos Aires. The property’s hardwood parquet flooring and classic finishings throughout perfectly match the old-school furniture that recalls the heydays of Porteño good life. Don’t let its imposing looks mislead you though: it provides all the modern conveniences you might ask for, including a fully-equipped kitchen and air-conditioning in most rooms. It’s the best option for large families or groups.

Recoleta is the quintessential Buenos Aires neighborhood, where the Recoleta Cementery and the National Museum of Fine Arts are located. Beautiful colonial to early twentieth-century buildings dot the area around Plaza Francia, the district’s flower-covered square just two steps away from your luxury rental in Recoleta. The omnipresence of trendy restaurants and the city’s most exclusive shops is another of Recoleta’s defining features.

Booking a high-end stay in one of our dream homes in Buenos Aires poses the major challenge of choosing which one. Bear in mind that this will be your only worry regarding your time here, as we’ll take care of all the rest. All you need to do is surrender to the Porteño empanadas, steak, and tango shows! What are you waiting for?


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