24 Hours in Buenos Aires

OK, imagine this. You’ve just arrived in Buenos Aires, checked into your luxury apartment rental, now what? How do you make the most of your Buenos Aires getaway? Often referred to as the Paris of South America, this magical city has so much to offer. From the modern Palermo Hollywood to the Colonial treasures in Recoleta and from the fashion forward boutiques in Palermo Soho to the hippy markets in San Telmo. Don’t waste an Argentine minute and follow our 24 hours in Buenos Aires.

Morning: Best Breakfast in BA

24 Hours in Buenos Aires

To start your 24 hours in Buenos Aires you need to begin with a top-notch breakfast. There is an abundance of great bakeries and coffee shops to choose from. A typical breakfast in Buenos Aires is a relaxed affair. Like anything in Porteño culture there is no rush. This is an opportunity to read the paper, catch up on your emails or just sit and watch life roll past. You’ll notice in many places a gathering of elderly men sit together sipping an expresso and eating medialunas (small croissants); a really typical Buenos Aires scene. For your first breakfast in Buenos Aires you have two options; nominate someone to go out to Ninina Baker or Cocu Boulangerie to pick up a selection of sweet or savory pastries to bring back to your luxury Palermo Soho apartment for a typical breakfast at home. Alternatively, venture out to the cafes and watch the world go by. Many cafes also offer a decadent brunch menu but we warned they are enough to feed an army. Another favorite is Cafe Malvon for its wide variety of pastries, breads and tasty treats plus its great location for people watching.

Mid Morning: Explore BA’s Street Art

24 Hours in Buenos Aires

A great way to burn off your breakfast is to take a bike tour of the city. Buenos Aires’ acts as a canvas to many of the city’s best graffiti artists. From building walls to shop front doors, there is so much to discover. But to make sure you find the best examples of Porteño street art at is best, get involved in a Graffitimundo bike tour.  Graffitimundo is a non-profit organisation which promotes the urban art scene of Buenos Aires and supports local artists. They also work in close collaboration with the artists meaning them to share their personal stories and motivations. Another great opportunity to get to know the streets of Buenos Aires is through www.buenosairesstreetart.com, an organization with more than just tours and painting workshops, they are connected to the local street art scene and support the artists. Photo: © Buenos Aires Street Art

Lunch: ROUX

24 Hours in Buenos Aires - Roux

Head over to the neighborhood of Recoleta for our lunch time treat. I know you’re excited to get you teeth stuck into some famous Argentine meat but I’m saving that for dinner. For lunch let me show you this classy corner spot and lunchtime favorites in the neighborhood. With seating for around 30 people, this local hotspot is a welcome change to the Argentine meaty classics. Famous for its Mediterranean inspired cuisine, it offers delicious local ingredients with an artistic flare. We recommend the griviche – mouthwatering couscous served with a selection of fresh seafood including squid and prawn, surrounded with an electric green cilantro sauce

Afternoon: Recoleta Cemetery

24 Hours in Buenos Aires

No 24 hours in Buenos Aires is complete Perhaps the most famous cemetery in South America, Recoleta Cemetery is a must visit. Through the gates, turn left to find the former first lady of Argentina; Eva Duarte de Perón’s resting place. If you dare, peak through the cracks in the coffins for a quick glimpse of, well, it’s just cobwebs. If visiting the resting place of the Buenos Aires’s rich and famous from years gone by is not your thing, no fear. This well-heeled neighborhood is also reknowned for the best of designer shopping. Just past the Alvear Palace Hotel entrance you’ll find a tucked-away mall bursting with boutiques. Galería Promenade Alvear  is the perfect shopping spot to pick up some high-end souvenirs including Latin America’s only Valentino boutique.

Dinner: Best Steak in Buenos Aires

24 Hours in Buenos Aires

This is perhaps the hottest topic in South America. Where can you sink your teeth in the the best Argentine steak in Buenos Aires. After many belly bulging evening sampling the most juicy cuts of meat, we can officially recommend our favorite steak restaurants (in no particular order). For perhaps one if the most famous steakhouses in town is La Cabrera. Located in the heart of Palermo Soho and walking distance from your luxury Buenos Aires apartment rental, this restaurant is unapologetic ally a shrine to the art of cooking meat. Select your favorite cut of raw meat pair it with a bottle of red and the rest is magic. Our second is Don Julio for its great service and atmosphere, excellent meat, extensive wine list and central Palermo location. Be sure to sample the bife de chorizo, provoleta (grilled cheese) and grilled mushrooms. Finally, our ultimate recommendation is the unpretentious, friendly and simply fantastic Dadá Bistro near Plaza San Martin. The walls are covered in murals and art, the bar and wait staff are some of the friendliest you will meet in BA and the steak… well the steak is cooked to perfection.

After Dinner Drinks: Speakeasy or Tango

24 Hours in Buenos Aires

Before you go to bed in your chic BA apartment rental, there are two must-do after dinner activities. Firstly, an essential part of the Porteño experience is the classical Argentine Tango halls. There are many shows on offer from the simple at Café Tortoni to the over-the-top, at Señor Tango. Alternatively head to a more low key Milonga and have a go at Tango yourself at La Cathedral. Looking for something a bit more 21st century, stop by one of the city’s secret bars or speakeasies. The idea of Buenos Aires’ secret bars originates back when alcohol was illegal in the prohibition era of the United States and bars and clubs became a secret hideout. Buenos Aires has taken this idea and created a totally unique phenomenon. Armed with a password or the address of an unmarked doors lies some of these uber cool bars and hangouts. Our favorite bars to complete your 24 hours in Buenos Ares are Franks Bar or the Harrison Speakeasy.

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